The problems faced by the youth during personal growth

The problems faced by  the youth during personal growth through sufficient fundamental theory research and rigorous market cognition, we deeply realize that it is important to ensure every child have a better opportunity for personal development, and every child’s growth value  can be fully realized and elevated. There are many constraints that need to be resolved.

Youth have not yet developed a sense of personal brand creation.

Youth do not realize that their own value can be converted into digital assets, and such  value will be increased with the education and personal growth.

Unfair education opportunities because unevenly distribute education resource

Unfair opportunities refer to the unfair education opportunities, including the unfair starting point, the unfair process and the unfair result.

Lack of objective and scientific standard system of value measurement

For the measurement of individual value, there is no objective, widely recognized scientific and standardized evaluation system.

UNT Growth Plan

The “growth plan” is a global common interest plan launched by the UNT ecosystem, which is aimed at  promotingeducation equity and empowering youth a richer future possibility through funding services and social advocacy.

UNT Educational Funds

By offering surplus digital assets in the ecosystem, UNT ecosystem can provide low-interest and stable digital asset to support excellent students who have growth potentials but are short of financial means in education.

UNT Growth Fund

Focusing on investing in the future value of excellent students, UNT will participate in each stage of the individuals Token IPO  by way of leading investment.

Selection criteria for the UNT “growth plan”

physical examination reports 80%
psychological evaluation report 80%
other proofs of good character and standard of conduct50%
academic achievement and a notarization on the academic certificates 90%
The language proficiency level shall be provided by such as test score reports from professional organizations 75%
Specialty such as art, sports, technology,eg70%
Public welfare performance70%
social network status, recommendation and proof of other social connection100%