Team Members


Chief Executive Officer

Stan Grunzeweig

  • Director of Global Institutional Trading, Toronto Stock Exchange, industry insiders called “Mr. Listing”
  • Thomson Reuters Sales Director
  • Canada Co-founder of Collective Bid Systems
  • Canada’s first electronic bond trading platform Formerly a Canadian fund director and chairman of a charity
Chief Technology Officer

Jacky Zhang

  • Master of Science, University of Waterloo, Students Instructor
  • Former RIM Software Development Test Director, holistic testing for BlackBerry
  • Senior Technology Consultant for Canadian Startup Companies
  • Ethereum DAPP senior developer, architect
  • Chairman of the Canadian Ethereum Institute of Applied Technology
  • EOS North America’s first person, “Super Smart Contract” developer
Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Costello

  • Vice President of the Canadian blockchain institute and financial architecture expert
  • Founded Uptown Treehouse in Toronto
  • Provide marketing planning for Microsoft, Western Union and other well-known enterprises
  • The co-founder of Canada dingtai capital and Germany xin capital, and an early block chain investor
Chief financial officer

Neena Gupta

  • Has been teaching and researching in the field of finance and risk management for more than ten years
  • More than 6 years of experience as chief financial adviser to several public companies
  • Mba in finance and financial management services, university of Toronto business school, CPA
  • Comprehensive financial expert, founded Global business and Tax Advisor financial advisory agency
Education Expert

Paul Kearns

  • University of Toronto Rotman College (Rotman) MBA
  • More than 20 years of experience in the international education industry
  • Established Wall Street Training Center and operated
  • Established and operated the Business Leadership Training Center in Canada
  • Project Management (PM) Certificate, TESOL Certificate
Senior Developer

Samy Xiong

  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Computer Software, China’s first batch of computer masters
  • Senior Analyst, System Analyst, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Former member of the Senior Technical Title of the Agricultural Bank of China
  • Director of China IBM Microcomputer User Association
  • Authoritative expert for distributed databases and distributed office automation systems
  • Dedicated to blockchain technology research and popularization work for many years
Marketing officer

Paul Fahn

  • Founded big data company Socedo to provide market strategy services for fortune 500 companies
  • Social media-oriented B2B marketing platforms directly serve Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, etc
  • Former senior marketing manager at Microsoft headquarters has participated in the research and development of many strategic products including business intelligence
  • Have a deep understanding of the industry, especially in the joint venture, media procurement, social and RTB channels
  • Rich market development of overseas blockchain projects and marketing solutions for social media
Senior development engineer

Andrew Minai

  • Proficient in C/C++ / Java/Groovy/Go and other programming languages
  • Specializing in high throughput block chain design, block chain identity system, asset token
  • He has been a senior development engineer of the well-known decentralized asset exchange in North America
  • PhD in computer science, university of Waterloo, Canada
  • Focused on high-performance systems and big data architecture, led the development and research of large-scale network products
Chief scientific adviser

Steve Hikida

  • McMaster University IT PhD
  • Former IBM Project Executive + Blockchain Senior Architect
  • Chief Security Officer of Canada’s best known blockchain company
  • Digital Wallet Security Specialist
  • Blockchain Patent Holder


Education Expert

Tony Wang

  • Founder and CEO of EA Education Group
  • Vice President of Canada International Education and Cultural Exchange Association
  • Successfully educating entrepreneurs and senior international education experts
  • Deep understanding of the essence of Chinese and Western education and cultural concepts, more than 10 years of experience in international education business
  • Enrich international education resources and experience
Fintech expert

Alex Frakking

  • Years of quantitative financial experience, block chain active investors and participants
  • He has worked for Ontario teachers pension fund, Canada pension fund and other well-known financial institutions
  • Scott Capital is a former Goldman sachs wealth management analyst who founded Scott Capital, an investment firm
  • Co-chairman of international distributed finance association, senior researcher of block chain financial technology
Academic Expert

YanSheng Lu

  • Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Former Vice President, School of Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Member of the National Computer Rank Examination Steering
  • Committee Member of the Computer Science Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education
  • Member of the National Examination Committee of the Electrical and Electronic Information Committee
  • Member of the Ministry of Construction to build a multimedia information technology professional committee
Legal Advisor

Robert Shuster

  • Professor of Business Law and Economic Law in Humber College Ontario Canada
  • Lawyer, Prosecutor, Environment Agency in Ontario Canada
  • Top 10 Outstanding Lawyers in Ontario Canada
  • Chief Legal Counsel of several Canadian listed companies