Rich Investment Theory + Unique Investment Model + New Investment Subject

UNT offers several investment products for you to choose

UNT implements advanced technology to guarantee your investment

We believe the success rate of investing in individuals is much higher than investing in an enterprise

Perfect investor protection system

Comprehensive investing system


Recommending products or services to investors which fits their risk tolerance,clarifying the scope and means of investement  suitable for investors, and fully explaining information to investors.

Effective information disclosure mechanism


Listed individuals shall disclose information that has a significant impact on investment decisions in a true, accurate, complete and timely manner.

Reduce the risk of delisting


When the listed individual has incidents that triggers the delisting, the designated agency completes a certain proportion of the token reimbursement. Or when the listed individual is delisted under the normal circumstances, a reasonable distribution of heritage or proceeds shall be initiated.

Improving the return on investment mechanism


Guiding and supporting listed individuals to enhance the ability of continuous returns and establishing a diversified return system.

Comprehensive return policy


If the listed individual’s token is traded below the IPO prices, the Token’s owners shall reimburse and cancel a certain number of tokens under certain contract conditions.

Establishing a diversified dispute resolution mechanism


The listed individual shall undertake the primary responsibility for the handling of investors’ complaints, and the relevant  institutions shall improve the complaint handling procedures ,publicize the process and handling situation.