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Born To Be Extraordinary

UNT’s headquarter is located at Toronto, Canada.   UNT was launched by BEF with the strategic support  from BEF and BTC. Canada Blockchain research institutions also join the strategic alliance with UNT’s programs. UNT’s executive team includes CEO of Canadian listed company, well-known educational experts, senior blockchain technology experts, former IBM architect, former Microsoft engineer, former fortune global 500 executive officers and TMX board member.

  • Across 8 Countries
  • 12 Branches and Operation Centres
  • Over 100 Persons Elite Team

We Are Committed to

Ensure every child have better opportunities for personal development in study. Help young people around the world to realize the value of life relaxingly. Promote equity in society and improve social productivity

Executive team

Stan Grunzeweig

Chief Executive Officer

Jacky Zhang

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Hui

Chief Operating Officer


Chief Marketing Officer

Samy Xiong

Senior Developer

Jason (Hiden Expert)

Chief Security Officer

David Wang

Event Executive Officer

Paul Kearns

Education Expert
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