UNT Chain

The first world ecosystem based on the discovering, reflecting, elevating and realizing the individuals’ value

UNT Ecosystem

The first world ecosystem based on the discovering, reflecting, elevating and realizing the individuals’ value. UNT is focusing on elevating potentials of individuals and contributing to the realization of their personal value. 

CEO Stan Grunzeweig

UNT ecosystem will ensure every child has better opportunity for personal growth and development and is dedicated to elevating the youth value. UNT cooperates with lots of global institutions and organizations which will  provide numerous commercial solutions.

CTO Jacky Zhang

UNT has elites and professional technical team all over the world to develop and maintain the ecosystem. UNT will implement cutting edge technology such as Blockchain and AI to establish  a most advanced and safest decentralized ecosystem.

The Five Major Components of UNT Ecosystem

The “UNT Growth” ecosystem comprises of  a) Student individuals Token issuing system, b) UNT financial platform, c) UNT “Growth” investment institutions, d) UNT “Growth” value exchange centre and e) UNT underlying technology system, which are interrelating and interdependent.

  • Student Individuals Token Issuing System
  • UNT Financial Platform
  • UNT “Growth” Investment Institutions
  • UNT “Growth” Value Exchange Centre
  • UNT Underlying Technology System

Widespread application & strategic cooperation

UNT ecosystem has lots of commercial applications with wide-opening, compatible, complete, trusted networking and revolutionary human centralized concept. UNT will cooperate with numerous developers and institutions in a brand-new innovative way to transform traditional commercial model in future. It will bring enterprises unlimited business prospects.  Accordingly, UNT ecosystem has already received  acknowledgements from various sectors and commercial enterprises projects.  First strategic cooperation with SIECA and CBE have been established.

  • Global Strategic Cooperation
  • Brand-new Cooperation Model
  • Innovative Core Value

Strategic cooperation institutions

Review From Pro

  • Aiden Cooper
    Branch Manager at TD Bank

    This is a quite beneficial ecosystem for global youth. UNT will not only provides financial means but also offer youth suitable and good quality education resources.

  • Jayden Perez
    Senior Partner at SMTechnologies INC

    This is a revolutionary innovation in financial sectors. It will unprecedentedly digitalize personal growth value . It will encourage individuals to create their personal brand, reflecting their values, and ensure that individuals will enjoy the benefits from their personal development.

UNTD Token

Consumption Payment

UNTD will be the solo currency in the cooperative application fields  as the payment and settlement tool.

Treasury Management

Investors in the UNT ecosystem can invest in the bursary plan to earn  stable returns within UNT financial platform.

Students Growth Investment

You can participate in “The growth fund” plan by using UNTD or invest in those students who has potentials to receive higher value returns.

Value Realizing

By  landing into mainstream exchange centre and UNTD exchange centre, UNTD can be traded with other crypto currencies and legal currencies in various channels.


2018 Q4
2019 Q1
2019 Q2
2019 Q4
2020 Q1

Architect Establishment

Establish a standard organization structure byimproving the division of work and assignment, formulating relevant rules and regulations, intelligent contract, issuance model, design, development, construction of the structure.  Optimize functions and conduct online public testing gradually and steadily.

Platform Launch

UNT financial platform  being established with bursary plan and “growth” fund launched. Complete the construction of underlying technology and system development, forming a connection with the first strategic partners to achieve the implementation of specific projects.

Strategic Alliance

Based on the basic and core business,  complete the layout of other business fields and the smart contract online deployment to realize the maturity and diversification of technology, system and ecosystem.

UNT Exchange Launch

UNT “value growth” exchange centre goes online to complete strategic cooperation in other fields.

UNT Public Chain

Successfully developing the UNT public chain and UNT digital wallet based on personal values and realizing the transfer and transaction across the chain, so that to fully createa thriving UNT ecosystem.

Executive team

Paul Fahn

Marketing director

Andrew Minai

Senior development engineer

Neena Gupta

Chief financial officer

Steve Hikida

Responsible for business development in China

Jason Huang

Responsible for business development in China

Stan Grunzeweig

Chief Executive Officer

Jacky Zhang

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Costello

Chief Operating Officer

Samy Xiong

Senior Developer

Paul Kearns

Education Expert

Project Advisors

Tony Wang

Education Expert

Yansheng Lu

Academic Expert

Robert Shuster

Legal Advisor

Alex Frakking

Fintech expert